Public Social Media Channels

WABA Promotions helps brands connect quickly and easily with their customers on public social media channels.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: Engage with your customers on public social channels to resolve service issues fast and reliably.

Fact: high customer effort leads to high disloyalty

Businesses spent $12.2B on customer care technology last year. Yet, 66% of consumers have switched brands because of poor service.

Facebook has 1.59 billion daily active users, with 68% of Americans using Facebook.

Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users, with 80% of users following a business also.

Twitter now has 126 million daily users, up from 115 million one year ago.

Leverage the WABA Promotions platform to provide effortless social customer service:

Scale your service operation

Use intelligent routing rules and prioritization based on identity and full conversational context to queue relevant conversations to the relevant team.

Add augmented automation

Utilize Bots to address common inquiries, allowing customer conversations to seamlessly integrate bot and human-assisted service in a single conversation.

Deliver robust KPIs & Analytics

Measure the strength of your customer relationships with a full suite of features to gauge CSAT, NPS and sentiment conversion delivered in real-time dashboards.

Transform your customer care program into a competitive differentiator through the power of social customer service with WABA Promotions.

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